Prague Airport Guide
Transportation from Prague Aiport


It is recommended to take only marked and approved taxi service, possibly the ones parked next to the airport terminal.

Unmarked taxis might try to charge you a higher price. This ride may become very expensive, usually high above normal price fees. (up to 700 CZK/ 30€ ride to city center.)

Public transportation

If you prefer to use public transportation, it is possible to take buses no. 100 to Zličín (Metro B Line), 206 to Dejvická (Metro A Line).

You may check your upcoming buses at:

Buses usually come around every 20 minutes.

The current price of a 30 minute ticket costs 24 CZK (1€), a 90 minute ticket costs 32 CZK (1.3€).

Prague's airport 'Letiště Václava Havla' is located in the north west of Prague, a 30 minute ride by car/public transport from the city center.


For more info, about other departing and arriving flights, here is the official website of Prague's airport:

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